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Cutting carbon steel preferred CNC flame cutting machine

CNC flame cutting machines , also known as oxygen cutting , the use of flame will preheat the steel surface is heated to a point of ignition ( about 1000 ℃), and then filled in the hyperbaric oxygen combustion ignition , so that the combustion of steel cutting method to form the incision . CNC flame cutting machines, having a large thickness steel cutting capacity, low cut costs, but there are cutting large .deformation, cutting accuracy is not high, and lower cutting speeds, cut warm-up time, a long time perforation and other shortcomings, is more difficult to adapt to the full need to automate operations. Its main application is limited to steel , thick sheet metal cutting , in the thin steel plate cutting on plasma cutting will be gradually replaced .

     CNC plasma cutting machines ,Plasma cutting machine for cutting wide, cut all the sheet metal, cutting speed, high efficiency, cutting speeds of up to 10m/min per cent. Plasma cutting underwater can eliminate the noise emitted by cutting, dust and harmful gas and arc light pollution, and can effectively improve the working environment.

With the wide popularity of CNC cutting machine, steel sheet blanking enterprises now are mostly buy CNC flame cutting machine, CNC plasma cutting machine and so on to achieve flame or plasma cutting and flame cutting is slower than the speed of plasma cutting, but there is no slag, no slope, for 5-200 - mm under the ordinary carbon steel material or get the favor of users.

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