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The preheating and conditions of cnc flame cutting machine

First :The definition of preheating

CNC flame cutting machine cutting process is controlled by an oxygen (at least 99.5%) of the surface of the workpiece jetignition combustion, flame heating to be cut by the start of the workpiece is heated to the ignition temperature, to begin this process. Combustion is started by feeding the cutting oxygen, the elevated heat, the combustion
continues rapidly adjacent the workpiece, moving the torch cutting a kerf, the second combustion lysate is cut by the kinetic energy of the jet of oxygen blown away.

Second ,The conditions of the preheating

1To be able to produce metal oxide, oxide of the melting temperature must be below the melting point of materials

2The ignition temperature of materials must be below its melting temperature On the cutting points in a row to keep the ignition temperature. Heat loss is compensated by the heating flame

3On the cutting points in a row to keep the ignition temperature. Heat loss is compensated by the heating flameNon-alloy and carbon content less than 0.3% carbon content higher than 0.4% of the low alloy steel can be cut through
the warm-up. With the increased proportion of metal elements, the cutting process becomes more difficult, and for this reason, a nickel-chrome steel or silicon metal, steel and other materials without special precautions are not
applicable cutting oxygen, these materials should be processed by other thermal cutting methods, such as CNC plasma cutting machine will come in handy.

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