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Big Diameter CNC Pipe Cutting Beveling Machine Application

Big Diameter CNC pipe cutting beveling machine Application

Nowdays, large-diameter steel pipes are used in a wide range of fields: Ships, bridges, electric power, petroleum, chemical, metallurgical and other industries require a large number of cross-welding round pipes. Some of these steel pipes can reach more than 4 meters in diameter. The determination and cutting of the intersecting line becomes a difficult problem. This is because the combination of various steel pipes is complex and diverse, and there are often some variable angle grooves. If the cutting quality is not good, it will directly affect the subsequent welding and other processes, so that the processing quality cannot be guaranteed; in addition, the manual cutting accuracy It is often not high. Even after polishing, its quality is difficult to meet the basic requirements of the design; and the intersecting line is an irregular curve. Editing the data code requires a lot of calculations, and its accuracy cannot be verified. For this reason, we have specially developed big pipe cnc pipe cutting beveling machine specially designed for cutting large diameter steel pipes with a diameter of 4 to 8 meters.

Big pipe cutting machine can be customized the following range of the workpiece: pipe cutting diameter 108-1000mm, 219-1210mm, 325-1620, 630-2000mm; workpiece wall thickness 1-60mm; groove angle 60°. The cutting process adopts scribing to find the center point of the circle, and the center line of the cut circle coincides with the generatrix of the low and high points of the inner or outer circle of the pipe.

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