H Beam Cutting Machine New Case from Saudi Arabia

Sept.20th, the KASRY section steel cutting production line was successfully put into use in Saudi Arabia after the patient guidance of Chinese engineers on site.

Here is this year's feedback pictures from our customers of H-beam cutting machines in Saudi Arabia.

The customer's main functional application is drilling for webs and wings.

The following is H-beam cutting machine product sample display

KASRY patented invention. The machine widely used in steel structure and large frame structure as a special processing equipment for H beam cutting. Advanced intelligent cutting control system, can generate G code directly, 3D simulation operation, node expansion, ultra long pipe partition, pipe optimization. Applicable to 3D cutting for all kinds of material (H-beam, I beam, angle beam, channel beam and others).

After installation, commissioning and formal use, the customer highly affirmed the quality of our products. And praised the products made in China, the quality is getting better and better.

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