Round Pipe CNC Cutting Machine

5 axis cnc pipe profile cutting machine

  • Diameter :50-630mm
  • Length :6m/9m/12m
  • Function :cut and bevel
  • Industry : offshore buildings,vessels,steel structure engineering
  • Product description: Kasry KR-XY5 cnc pipe profile cutting machine, is a kind automatic pipe cutting machine, use plasma flame cutting method, achieve quanity steel pipes fabrication, and complex cutting process, achieve

Application Description

Mainly used for all kinds of pipe system intersecting line and the end pipe use the thermal cutting.

Applicable workpiece material: low carbon steel (copper nickel tube, stainless steel tube need to use plasma cutting)

Pipe Type :round pipe

Machine Features

KASRY professional pipe optimization CNC system

Support AutoCAD version of the project line model design

Support Tekla 3D model

Support pipe splitting \ pipe optimization \ node expansion \ left and right replacement and other functions

equipment design people-oriented, Chinese interface is simple, advanced and reliable equipment for long-term continuous processing, stable operation.

Technique Parameters

Model KR-XY5

cnc pipe profile cutting machine

Pipe cut dia. range


Pipe cut max. length


Pipe cut thickness


Cutting method

Plasma cutting/ gas cutting

Plasma cutting speed


Machine moving speed


Plasma max. bevel


Flame max. bevel


Workpiece ellipticity


Length cutting accuracy


IPC cnc controler

Advantech industrial personal computer

System software


Weight support


Driving motor

Japanese Panasonic AC Servo motor

Systerm&nesting software

KASRY pipe apply

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