Heavy Duty Gantry CNC Plasma Flame Cutting Machine

KR-PL Gantry CNC cutting robot

  • Machine size 4*10 m ,can be customized
  • F2300B control system
  • Fastcam software
  • 1-200m thickness plate
  • Product description: Our gantry cnc plasma flame cutting machine mainly used for cut metal plate .Widely used for Oil piping cutting ,Gas piping cutting , steel fabrication cutting ,marine engineering ,metal cutting worki

Name: Gantry cnc plasma oxyfuel cutting machine

Working area: 2x4m , 3x8m, 4x10m, 6x14m(as customr needs)

Cutting method: plasma cutting, oxyfuel cutting

Cutting heads number: 2 heads (as customer needs)

Control system: Shanghai Fangling cnc controler / hypertherm control system

Automatic arc torch height controler: Hongyuda THC or hypertherm THC

Drive motor: Japan servo

Application: industrial sheet metal quantity fabrication, like steel structure buildings, ship buildings, steel fabric center, offshore buildings, machinery manufacturing, ...etc.

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