Gantry CNC Cutting Beveling Machine

Gantry CNC cutting Beveling Machine

  • Machine size 4*10 m ,can be customized
  • F2300B control system
  • Fastcam software
  • 1-200m thickness plate
  • Product description: Gantry cnc cutting beveling machine , for cut metal sheet&vessels cutting beveling . with plasma cutting, flame cutting

Product features:

Hollow steel welding technology, good rigidity and long life, good heat dissipation,

Time processing using high-precision gantry milling good rack and rail surface, improve cutting accuracy and lifespan of using.

Machine shelf is 8mm thick steel plate welded thicker than the other manufacturers to improve the structural strength of the machine, and enhance life.

The front beam is 20mm, after a one-time large gantry milling machine milling together, increasing the surface finish. Rail groove is disposable after a large milling machine milling together, increasing the beam rail straightness and parallelism, to ensure the positioning accuracy.

gantry cnc plasma flame cutting beveling machinenc plasma flame cutting beveling machine

Gantry type cnc plasma cutting machine


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Product Gantry cnc cutting beveling machine
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