Square Pipe CNC Cutting Machine

Pipe and square tube cutting machine

  • Round pipe cut dia.:50-800mm ;Square tube cut dia. 50-500mm
  • Length :6m/9m/12m
  • Function :cut and bevel
  • Industry : offshore buildings,vessels,steel structure engineering
  • Product description: KASRY - piping total solution provider, professional manufacture quality pipe cutting machines, cnc cutting machines, square tube profile cutting machines, H beam cutting robot with oxy-fuel plasma cu

Multiple Functions in one

KR-XF8 Pipe and square tube cutting machine,use plasma cutting and oxy fuel cutting method, can achieve highly cutting accurate and clean surface, have multiple functions, can cut and bevel round pipe,square tube ,rectangular tube in one. can cut carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium.

cnc pipe profile cutting beveling machine

Advantages compare with manual cutting or sawing and beveling machines?

  • Can finish complexity of the design met steel structure different projects
  • Can fabricate quantity piping works in short time, 2-3 times than traditional a fabricator manual cutting quantities
  • Can surely clean cutting surface,clean beveled holes, easy for fitting and welding,save time
  • Can save raw materials,Raw materials fast calculation in One minute, in steel structure projects, if material use 7800mm90pipesor 9000mm78pipesutilization rate reach 99.3%
  • Can save manpower cost, pipe and square tube cutting machine only need one fabricator, at least can save 4-5 welders.



Pipe and square tube cutting machine

Square tube size range

Dia.:50-500mm , length 12m

can be customized

Round pipe size range

Diameter 50-800mm , length 12m

can be customized

Cutting method

Plasma/oxy fuel

Plasma power

Hypertherm 105A plasma power ,

cut 1-20mm thickness

Flame cutting thickness


Plasma cutting speed


Plasma Bevel angle

+-45 degree

Gas Bevel angle

+-60 degree

Plasma bevel thickness


Flame bevel thickness


Control system


IPC Computer

Taiwan Advantech Industrial Computer

Driving motor

Japanese Panasonic AC Servo motor with reducer


KASRY Auto Pipe Apply



Weight and size


(Length *width*height) 13000*2200*2100mm




40ft container


Especially for steel structure construction,shipbuildings,marine engineering, offshore construction,crane, process plants,steel truss,building walls, bridges, towers and mechanical engineering industries,etc.

Case Industries
  • Poland end user - 8 axis all pipe profile cutting machine for offshore buildings

  • Russia end user- square tube cutting machine for crane engineering

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  • UAE Dubai end user - pipe and square tube cutting machine - for steel structure engineering

pipe cutting machine

Working video


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